Nordic Fire Sienna 7 - 10
Nordic Fire Sienna 7 - 10
Nordic Fire Sienna 7 - 10
Nordic Fire Sienna 7 - 10

Nordic Fire Sienna 7 - 10

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The Sienna is a beautifully stylish built-in pellet stove with a maximum fire view. Almost indistinguishable from a built-in wood or gas fire. The built-in pellet stove can be tightly built in and can also be combined with a stylish fireplace.

The Sienna is available with different finishing frames: a narrow ornamental frame or a frameless ornamental frame. The built-in Sienna pellet stove can be filled from the side using a handy filling flap. This can be optionally supplied.

The built-in pellet stove is equipped with 2 ventilators (air ducts) that can be adjusted independently from each other. The heat can be distributed through the air ducts in the room itself but also to another room. This makes it possible to heat several rooms.


  Sienna 7 Sienna 10
   Nominal adjustable power 2,3 – 7,5 kW 2,3 – 10,3 kW
   Pellet fuel consumption 0,6 – 1,9 kg/h 0,6 – 2,2 kg/h
   Efficiency 92,4 90,7%
   Rookgasafvoer Ø 80 mm Ø 80 mm
   External air supply Ø 50 mm Ø 50 mm
   Capacity pellet container 27 kg 27 kg
   Burn time (min-max hours) 12 – 45 hours 12- 40 hours
   Weight 175 kg 175 kg