Nordic Fire HRV Sienna
Nordic Fire HRV Sienna
Nordic Fire HRV Sienna

Nordic Fire HRV Sienna

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The HRV Sienna is a beautifully stylish built-in pellet stove with connection to the central heating system. Thanks to the double glazing, the HRV Sienna emits most of its heat to the central heating system. Almost indistinguishable from a built-in wood or gas fire. The built-in pellet stove can be tightly built in and can also be combined with a stylish fireplace.

The HRV Sienna is available with different finishing frames: a narrow trim or a frameless trim. The HRV Sienna built-in CV pellet stove can be filled from the side using a handy filling valve. This can be optionally supplied.

The HRV Sienna is fully adjustable to room temperature or through the water temperature of the radiators. And by setting a weekly schedule, you can have the pellet stove work fully automatically without having to look after it. Select the desired temperature for your home and have the stove automatically switch on in the morning and off again after a certain time. In the meantime, the pellet stove will keep your home at the desired temperature and will modulate or even turn off automatically when there is enough heat. If the weather gets too cold, the pellet stove will start automatically.

This pellet stove works just as well and efficiently as the modern gas-fired boiler, however, you can now also enjoy the flame effect and make significant savings on your heating costs because heating with pellets is many times cheaper than heating with natural gas.

The HRV Sienna central heating pellet stove is completely complete and includes a pump, overpressure protection, expansion vessel, temperature safety. In combination with a connection package, it can be connected to the existing central heating boiler.


   Nominal adjustable power 4,3 – 19,1 kW
   power to central heating 3 – 14,6 kW
   Pellet consumption 1 – 3,9 kg/h

93,3 %

   Rookgasafvoer Ø 100mm
   External air supply Ø 50 mm
   Capacity pellet container 40 kg
   Burn time (min-max hours) 8 – 40 hours
   Weight 180 kg