Nordic Fire HRV Viktor
Nordic Fire HRV Viktor
Nordic Fire HRV Viktor

Nordic Fire HRV Viktor

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The HRV Viktor is a modern CV pellet stove where you can use it to heat your radiators and underfloor heating. The CV-pellet stove can also function well in conjunction with an existing central heating boiler, solar panels or heat pump. The HRV Viktor has a convection fan that can be switched on and off. Due to the new combustion technology, the fire is even more beautiful and calm. In addition, the innovative automatic cleaning tilt grate ensures that you can stoke for quite some time without having to clean the stove. The HRV Viktor is equipped with a complete control with which the stove can be set to the time and water temperature you want.

The CV pellet stove HRV Viktor is adjustable to the water temperature of the radiators. And by setting a weekly schedule, you can have the pellet stove run fully automatically without having to look after it. Choose the desired time for heating your home. In the meantime, the pellet stove will keep your home at the water temperature and will modulate or even turn off automatically when there is enough heat. If the weather gets too cold, the pellet stove will start automatically.

This pellet stove works just as well and efficiently as the modern gas-fired boiler. However now you can also enjoy the flame effect and save a lot on your heating costs because heating with pellets is cheaper than heating with natural gas.

The HRV Viktor central heating pellet stove is complete and is equipped with a CV pump, overpressure protection, expansion vessel (for the CV pellet stove), temperature safety. In combination with a connection package it can be connected to the existing central heating boiler.

In addition, the HRV Viktor has an extra fan at the top, which, if desired, brings extra heat into the living room.


   Nominal adjustable power 3,8 – 15 kW
   Issue CV system 3 – 12 kg/h
   Pellet fuel consumption 1 – 3,2 kg/h

95,9 %

   Rookgasafvoer Ø 80 mm
   External air supply Ø 50 mm
   Capacity pellet container 20 kg
   Burn time (min-max hours) 5 – 25 hours
   Dimensions H x W x D 1100 x 520 x 540 mm
   Weight 180 kg