Nordic Fire Torsby

Nordic Fire Torsby

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The Torsby pellet stove is what is called 'modern with a nostalgic twist'. The Torsby is equipped with all modern techniques, but has the cozy look of an old-fashioned wood stove. The Torsby pellet stove has this appearance thanks to the feet at the bottom and the beautifully finished cast iron top. Do you opt for the variant with ceramic side panels? Then you will also find a striking motif in the ceramic on both the front and side of the stove.

Partly due to the beautiful fire, this pellet stove is almost indistinguishable from a real wood stove. The large pellet reservoir allows the stove to burn for a long time without having to refill. Fully adjustable in terms of time and temperature, so you always have enough heat at the time you set. This can be done via the touch remote control that is supplied as standard. The new combustion technology makes the fire even more beautiful. Another advantage is that the ashes are continuously burned extra which the amount of residual ash is greatly reduced. In addition, the innovative automatic cleaning tilting grate and spacious ash drawer ensure that you can burn for up to a month.


   Nominal adjustable power 2,5 – 7,8 kW
   Pellet consumption 0,5 – 1,5 kg/h
   Efficiency 91,8 %
   Smoke outlet rear Ø 80 mm
   External air input Ø 50 mm
   Capacity pellet container 15 kg
   Burn time 10 - 30 h
   Dimensions H x W x D 1024 x 502 x 540 mm
   Weight 150 kg