Nordic Fire Viktor 10 Airplus
Nordic Fire Viktor 10 Airplus

Nordic Fire Viktor 10 Airplus

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The robust canalized pellet stove Viktor 10 has 2 additional convection fans that can be regulated, independently of each other, so that you can heat as many as three rooms with one pellet stove. The additional room fans are adjustable in 5 different positions, from position 1 to 5. The front fan is equipped with a Relax function and can thus be set lower as desired. An advantage of this is that the noise is much less.

The pellet stove with is equipped with two additional convection fans so that you can heat several rooms with the pellet stove. By means of the adjustable fans you can distribute the amount of warm air per room. This means that the rooms to be heated do not have to be the same size. 


   Nominal adjustable power 2,8 – 9,5 kW
   Pellet consumption 0,7 – 1,8 kg/h
   Efficiency 92,6 %
   Smoke outlet rear Ø 80 mm
   External air input Ø 50 mm
   Capacity pellet container 20 kg
   Burn time (min-max hours) 8 - 28 h
   Dimensions H x W x D 1114 x 483 x 545 mm
   Weight 160 kg