Nordic Fire Viktor 8
Nordic Fire Viktor 8
Nordic Fire Viktor 8

Nordic Fire Viktor 8

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The Viktor 8 is a pelletstove that wouldn't look out of place in any living room: a timeless design with a sleek finish. In addition to the cast iron heat exchanger, door and top plate, the Viktor 8 also has a cast iron convection grid. As a result, a large part of the pellet stove is made of cast iron and this ensures an indestructible appearance.

Like the other Nordic Fire pellet stoves, the Viktor 8 is also equipped with the new combustion technology, making the fire even more beautiful and quieter. Another advantage of the new technology is that the ashes are continuously afterburned, which greatly reduces the amount of residual ashes.

The Viktor 8 pellet stove is equipped with an extra large pellet reservoir. The reservoir fits 15 kg of pellets, so you can easily store an average bag of pellets in this stove in one go.


 Nominal adjustable power 2,5 - 7,8 kW
 Pellet consumption 0,5 - 1,4 kg/h
 Efficiency 91,8 %
 Smoke outlet top and rear Ø 80 mm
 External air input Ø 50 mm
 Capacity pellet container 15kg
 Burn time (min - max hours) 10 - 30 h
 Dimensions H x W x D 960 x 483 x 540 mm
 Weight 140 kg