Trimline 100 Panoramic Gas Fire
Trimline 100 Panoramic Gas Fire

Trimline 100 Panoramic Gas Fire

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A panoramic fireplace is the perfect way to add a sense of spaciousness to your home, and the Trimline 100 Panoramic manages to achieve that aim even in smaller spaces. It’s a compact fireplace that truly sets the tone in your home. Ultimate luxury!

Watch the flames dance in their beautiful burner bed
The way the flames flicker and dance depends greatly on the burner bed you choose. The burner bed is the fire’s birthplace. Not just technically, but also visually.

Glossy black glass: class and elegance
Glass is always special. Especially when combined with a fireplace. Add shades of black and heat and the glass gets an incredibly warm look. Perfect for an interior, doubling the flames.

Technical specifications
Natural gas LPG
Heat input (kW) 11,1 9,3
Heat output max (kW) 9,5 8,2
Heat output min (kW) 2,5 2,0
Gas usage (m³/h)/(kg/h LPG) 1,1 0,6
Efficiency* % 87 88
Energy label* B B
Flue size (mm) 130/200 130/200
Weight (kg) 145 145